Drug and Alcohol Testing, Student Drug Testing Program, Emergency Response Testing Services

PSI povides full-service Drug Testing Programs

Prevention Specialists provides all the resources to administer and implement Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs in accordance with the Department of Transporation's guidelines and regulations. Personnel are qualified to provide consultation on program design and implementation to include policy development.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Personnel qualified and experienced in providing supervisory training and employee education that meets all DOT regulations and guidelines.

  • A computer program designed for the implementation and administration of DOT approved drug and alcohol testing programs to include an employee random selection feature.
  • Personnel certified and experienced in chain-of-custody urine specimen collection in accordance with DOT regulations and guidelines.
  • Mobile units for on-site and designated site urine specimen collection and alcohol breath testing.
  • Photo: PSI's Mobile Testing Vehicle

  • A nationwide network of collection sites for specimen collection and alcohol breath testing.
  • A working relationship with five DHHS labrotories approved to do testing for DOT mandated drug testing programs.
  • Doctors that meet all the qualifications for and have experience in providing Medical Review of all laboratory results in accordance with DOT regulations and guidelines.
  • Evidential Breath Testing Devices that are approved for screening and conformation in DOT Alcohol Breath Testing.
  • Personnel that are certified as Breath Alcohol Technicians including staff that are certified and Breath Alcohol Technician Trainers.
  • Experience with all aspects of record keeping as required by the DOT and the capability to submit all reports as required by the management Information System portion of the DOT regulations.
  • Accessibility for ongoing consultation, program review, evaluation, training & testimony.

Emergency Response Testing Services

(For Contracted Clients Only)

Photo: school bus crash

Prevention Specialists provides 24-hour Emergency Response Testing services and our Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)/Collectors are always on call. We provide two-hour response time anywhere in the State of New Jersey.

Photo: train crash

For Emergency Response/Post-Accident testing we will provide on-site or accident scene response with a certified BAT/Specimen Collector equipped with all necessary chain-of-custody specimen collection kits and a DOT approved Evidential Breath Tester (EBT).

Call 732-869-2900 for more information.

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Student Drug Testing Program

Dope, tar, chiva, diesel and D block. These are different slang words used to refer to heroin, which used to be known as an outcast drug, but not anymore.

Photo: heroin photo illustration

There has been a recent alarming rise in the amount of teens and young adults who are involved with heroin, particularly in the suburbs. Kids are either doing opiates in pill form called roxicodone (roxys) and oxycotin (oxys) or heroin.

It has become widely accepted among teens. It used to be a dirty drug, but it’s not anymore. It shows no discrimination or social boundaries. When people normally think of heroin use, they usually picture people living in cities and bad neighborhoods. In recent years, suburban youth have been widely known to abuse prescription drugs, but there has been a huge shift from pills to heroin.

Photo: heroin user

The price of heroin has come down significantly—you can now get it for $4-5—and you don’t have to go all the way to the city anymore to get it. It’s available in places you wouldn’t expect like your community or school. Unfortunately the trend keeps increasing in popularity, and with the easy access teens and young adults have to it, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The truth of the matter is, once you get involved with heroin—you have to fight your way out.

Photo: school drug deal

Prevention Specialists, Inc. (PSI) can provide all aspects of a Student Drug Testing Program including:

  • Policy Development
  • Random Selection of Students
  • Collection and Processing of Specimens
  • Reporting of Results

PSI offers 24-years of experience in managing and developing drug testing programming with pricing typically 30% lower than local occupational health facilities.

PSI Student Drug Testing Program offers:

  1. Experience working with adolescents in a school-based environment
  2. Professional and client-sensitive approach to the testing process
  3. Flexible scheduling
  4. Competitive pricing
  5. Supervision by a staff with: Masters Degree in Public Administration, New Jersey Certified Social Worker (CSW), Certified Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) and Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), Certified Alcohol and Drug collectors
  6. Collaboration with parents, school administration, educators and school boards