Professional Services and Counselling

Training and Education

Prevention Specialists’ staff is qualified to provide training to all supervisors and employees. This includes a two-hour drug and alcohol training for all supervisors. Each trained supervisor will receive a certificate identifying successful completion of a DOT supervisory training on the Signs and Symptoms Of Substance Abuse.

Protecting your Employees... Protecting your Bottom Line

Training and education of employees includes an explanation of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy and Program Description. It also includes educational information designed to heighten their awareness of personal use of alcohol and what modifications may be necessary to meet the Federal DOT mandate for Zero Tolerance.

Photo: training session

Additionally, helpful suggestions for how to speak with your physician regarding the prescription of medications that do not contain alcohol are included. The Federal Government is very specific regarding the zero tolerance rule.

Photo: training session audience

Avoidance and prevention of potentially positive alcohol tests is the thrust of the education in keeping with the DOT's mission to deter use of psychoactive substances to include alcohol. Prevention Specialists' staff are available to educate CDL drivers in one hour formal training sessions to review the DOT testing program and what they can expect as affected employees as well as to answer any questions drivers may have concerning the testing methods and processes. This has proven to be a very effective method of dispelling any rumors or misinformation surrounding the testing program.